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Auto Lock - Automatic Screen and Keyboard Lock V2 (OS 5 and OS 6)

Get Auto Lock and eliminate the cases of accidental screen or key presses! Designed especially for OS 5.0, OS 6.0 and up! No more cases of unwanted phone calls or battery drain because of WiFi or GPS turned on by mistake!

WARNING: Auto Lock needs certain permissions to work correctly (unlock device upon incoming calls). You will be asked to grant them the first time application is started. It is safe to grant these permissions, without them Auto Lock WILL NOT WORK properly.


- Automatically locks your device when the backlight goes off or after a configurable timeout.

- Zero initial configuration

- Integrates with your native BlackBerry® style so that you can easily view all of your notifications (missed calls, unread messages, etc.) without unlocking your device.

- Starts automatically when your BlackBerry® is powered on and runs silently in the background. However, you can easily turn it off at any time.

- Minimal battery and memory usage

- Quick and convenient unlock method

- One-click manual lock available anywhere in your device (just assign Auto Lock to one of your convenience keys).

- Option to disable auto locking on certain applications (either native or third-party). Very convenient for browsers, maps, readers and others.

- Configurable schedule allows you to easily define the time interval in which Auto Lock should be active (if you prefer to not have it running all the time).

- Automatically unlocks upon incoming calls

- Automatically unlocks upon taking your device out of holster

- Automatically unlocks upon connecting USB cable



It is another good phone features that users must surely enjoy using with.

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