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Cerberus Call Filter V1.0.1 (OS 4.2 and Above)

Do you ever need to block some incoming calls? Such as private or unknown numbers, your ex-girlfriends, your annoying boss after work time? Or maybe everybody but your managers during a work meeting? If so, then you need Cerberus Call Filter.

* Supports black or white lists
* Allows to add single contacts or full contact groups
* Allows to add direct numbers taken from Missed / Normal Calls log
* Allows to add all Private / Unknown numbers
* Allows to temporarily disable the filter
* Tightly integrated with the system’s Address Book
* Autostarts when the device is turned on, and then runs in background
* Very clean and simple user interface
* Very small size, just 20 KB
* Works on the BlackBerry® Curve™, Pearl™, Bold™, Storm™ and more
* It is the cheapest on the market!
* Free updates for ever! including new minor and major releases

Note: some devices may ring for a few milliseconds before the call is stopped and the sound muted



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