Huwebes, Nobyembre 3

Smart WiFi V1.7.10

How it works?

SmartWiFi leverages from the BlackBerry® always being connected to the network carrier. By combining cell tower and WiFi hotspot information WiFi is turned off when not needed and turned back on when needed. Because WiFi is one of the biggest consumers of battery power (when searching for WiFi networks) this has a tremendous effect on your battery life.

How SmartWiFi Saves Battery?

By remembering cell tower information, SmartWiFi detects when you leave your hotspot area (e.g. home or office) and WiFi is turned off automatically. From now on you save a lot of battery power!

How to Get Connected again?

SmartWiFi detects when you come back to a hotspot area (e.g. home or office) based on the network carrier's cell tower information. WiFi can be used as usual.



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